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Plan Management

Your trusted partners throughout your NDIS journey

As your specialist Plan Manager, we assist you in receiving more from your NDIS funds. We are your trusted partners throughout your NDIS journey, handling the day-to-day admin stress that comes with managing your plan, your fund balance and help you keep your plan on track.

  • realiable support

    Reliable Support

    We are always available to offer you advice and support on your NDIS funds and invoices. We have all the information and tips you need.

  • precise

    Precise Payment

    Our expert team thoroughly checks and pays your NDIS invoices

  • control and choose

    Choice and Control

    Use the providers you want (NDIS registered or unregistered)


    Optimize your funds

    We assist you in optimizing your NDIS funds so that you use every penny in the best way possible. 

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How to get NDIS Plan Management

Plan on Track Plan Management supports you to manage your NDIS budget by providing support on time-consuming administration matters, such as bookkeeping, audits and managing budgets. You just have to request for it to be included during your next NDIS planning meeting – it will be in the ‘Improved Life Choices’ category.

Plan management is one of the options for managing your NDIS Plan. There are three options available to you.

You fully manage your NDIS plan include financial management.  If you opt to self-manage, will need to manually claim reimbursements, pay for service providers and maintain accurate records for at least five years.

With this option, your funds are managed by the NDIS and you are limited to only using NDIS-registered service providers.

With a Plan Manager, you will have an expert assisting you to manage your funds. You will have access to both registered and non-registered service providers, you will not have to worry about administration and you will have ongoing support and guidance from our expert team.

Easy-to-use App Manager

Our easy-to-use App makes it simpler to track your spending and access your NDIS plan on the go, as well as to see the status of your invoices.

If Plan Management is included in your NDIS Plan and you are ready to go, sign up online in just a few easy steps. If it is not, but you would like it to be added, contact us today and we’ll talk you through the process.

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Plan on Track Plan Management Terms & Conditions

Click to view our Plan Management Terms & Conditions.


Easy English Terms

Do I have to pay for Plan Management?

No. You can ask the NDIS to add Plan Management to your NDIS plan. You don’t have to pay for it yourself. Everyone who asks for Plan Management can get it included.

  • About Plan Management

    A Plan Management service like Plan on Track can help you look after your NDIS money.

    If you choose a Plan Management service like Plan on Track you get a Plan Manager who supports you.

    We do things like:

    • Pay invoices
    • Do the paperwork and
    • Keep records about your NDIS money and how much you have spent.

    You can choose the service providers you want. Your service providers can be registered with the NDIS or not.

What do these words mean?

  • goal (2)


    Things that you want to do now or in the future.

  • invoice


    A bill for your support services. It says how much you need to pay for your support services.

  • ndis v1


    National Disability Insurance Scheme. This is the new way the government supports people with disabilities.

  • ndis-plan

    NDIS plan

    The plan the NDIS puts together, that says:

    • What your goals are
    • What support you need to achieve your goals
    • How much money you can get to spend on those things
  • paper word


    Forms and information. These are often written on paper but they can be digital (like on a website). The official papers that are needed for something to happen or get done.

  • plan manager

    Plan manager

    A service that helps you look after your NDIS money.

  • record


    Papers or documents that show that something has happened. For example, a receipt that shows you paid for something or a form you signed to say you agree to something.

  • registered


    When information about a person or service is kept by an organisation. For example, if a service provider is registered with the NDIS it means the NDIS

    • has their information, and
    • agrees they can give people services.
  • service-agreement

    Service agreement

    An agreement between you and a service provider about how they will support you and work with you.

  • service-provider

    Service provider

    An agreement between you and a service provider about how they will support you and work with you.

Sign Up For Free

If Plan Management is included in your NDIS plan and you are ready to go, just sign up online in just a few easy steps.

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